About myself, Jean-Pierre Boucher


Being left to my own devices very early on rendered me challenged to discovering the world on my own terms. So long as I didn't flunk any given school year, no one really cared what I was learning, or not learning.

Academia is utilitarian, designed to springboard anyone wishing for a well-paying job. Nothing wrong with that obviously but I have always been bent on inquiry, for the sheer sake of knowing without the pressures of exploiting that knowledge for monetary gains. Unsurprisingly, I hold nothing but a few years of post-secondary education; two semesters in business administration, two years in early childhood education, and one semester in computer science. Clearly, the credence of the content of this website is not supported by my academic performances, leaving the reader to relying on personal judgement.

Social Stance: Conservative. Scientific Stance: Liberal

About this website, jpboucher.info

I have always been fascinated by everything that exists, most important of all; Human affairs. Its past, present, and future projected states are interests that can keep a person busy over a lifetime. As I have already stated in the introductory page, we are being controlled. This website endeavours to explain in greater details, why and how this control is being exerted, by whom.

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